Phou Khao Khouy Tour

The National Protected Area of Phou Khao Khouay is the nearest National Park to Vientiane, being just one hour away. This affords a quick trip into nature from the city. You’ll be able to view great scenery, including beautiful waterfalls, hiking trails through dry evergreen and mixed deciduous forests, as well as rivers. Wildlife is abundant (though elusive). Tropical butterfiles and orchids line the way through the forest paths, which are home to rare large mammals such as the Sun Bear, tigers, and the occasional Elephant. The friendly village of Ban Hatkhai is a great place to learn more about the Lao Loum peoples.

Day 1
Vientiane – Ban Hatkai

We will be transported from Vientiane to Ban Hatkahi, where a long-tail boat takes us upstream on the Nam Mang river, before continuing along the smaller Houay Xai stream. We will embark on a two hour trek under an evergreen canopy, which takes up slightly uphill. We will stop for a picnic lunch along the way. We continue onwards to a magnificent pair of waterfalls, the Tad Xay and Pha Xay (only 800 meters apart), which are particularly beautiful and roaring during and after the rainy season. The Tad Xay has a pool which is great for taking a swim. We’ll be there in the early afternoon, then trek to visit some villages. From there, our van will take us to Ban Hatkhai, where we will return to Vientiane.